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April 26, 2007

Why Does SourceForge Hate Its Users?

Filed under: Technology — m0j0 @ 7:47 am

SourceForge has been a lumbering, slow, clumsy, ugly site for a long time. So-called “improvements” over the past couple of *years* have done as much to hurt performance of the site as it has to make it prettier and (debatably) easy to navigate. In reality, it seems that most of the changes made to SourceForge over the years were done to maximize advertising space without regard for the end user experience.

I received further proof today that SourceForge hates its end users when I went to check up on the latest development efforts on the Moodle forums and found a link to this Moodle bug tracker entry. That’s right folks, the first contact sent from SourceForge to the user (in this case, the leader of a project that serves hundreds of thousands of people) came *AFTER* access to the project was unceremoniously revoked.

Moodle is now revisiting plans like setting up CVS mirrors and the like, which will probably be better in the long run anyway, but it just sucks that SourceForge wakes up one day and shuts your service down with little information and zero warning instead of contacting users ahead of time with trending statistics and saying something like “once you reach point x, we may need to start throttling or disabling your service”.

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