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March 22, 2007

Vi Key Bindings for your Mac Apps

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Well, I found Komodo Editor, and I’m using that right now for coding Python. It’s Vi key bindings are a little quirky sometimes because of the interplay with the popup hints and stuff, but it hasn’t driven me totally crazy yet. However, I just found out that there’s a way to get Vi key bindings on *any* application on a Mac that uses the Cocoa Text System. So now I’m starting to fiddle a bit with XCode, because with this little plugin in place, and since XCode uses the Cocoa Text System, XCode now has Vi key bindings on my system. 😀

What I *haven’t* found (yet) is a list of applications that use the Cocoa Text System, which would be nicer than launching all of the applications on my system and testing them. It’s not a consistent thing, it seems. XCode uses CTS, but Mail doesn’t, so it’s not like you can just say “all Apple apps use it” or something.

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