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November 7, 2005

More home improvements

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Well, last week a crew finished up putting a new roof on the house. All’s well with that, and that same crew will be back in the next week or so to replace the gutters and soffits (sp?). As it turned out, the gutters were really the biggest cause of roof issues. Due to the poor design of the original installation, age, and a few other factors, water from the gutters actually wound up backing up onto the roof, and the plywood had to be replaced in a couple of areas as a result.

Lucky for me, the guy didn’t charge me for the plywood, because his guys cut my cable tv and internet lines!!! It was really a pretty innocent mistake. They were taking down the old-ass aerial antenna, and I guess the guys walking around on the roof came across cables, figured they went to the antenna, and cut them. Anyway, Comcast came out and fixed me back up the next day at no charge, so it wasn’t really all that big of a deal, but not having internet access is No Bueno(tm).

Next up is the boiler. My boiler is over 40 years old now. It’s working, and it’s not showing signs of wanting to die per se, but the colder it gets outside, the more my basement feels like a sauna, because the more my boiler works, the more heat it kicks off either through the atmospheric-style vent thingie, or through sheer inefficiency. *sigh*. Looks like the new boiler will probably be one of those newer style ones that intakes from outside and throws exhaust out something like a dryer vent. We might wait until the spring or summer to undertake that project, since it’ll likely leave the house without heat for one night, and so we can take some time to recover financially from the other exterior improvements going on.


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